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Understanding Guest Machine Performance under Hyper-V: more benchmarks

Recognizing an under-provisioned guest machine Another set of benchmark results document the additional performance delays guest machines encounter when they execute on under-provisioned guest machines. I simulated this condition by executing the same benchmark on a guest Windows VM that had access to only two of the 4 available physical processors. Configured to use only two virtual processors, the benchmark program required 147 minutes to run to completion.

Obviously, in this scenario the performance of the benchmark workload being executed on the 2-way guest machine suffered because it did not have access to an adequate number of virtual processors. It is easy to see that this guest machine is under-provisioned in this example where the conditions are tightly controlled. The key is being able to recognize when guest machines that are executing an unknown workload are under-provisioned. Look for the combination of the following:

Each of the Hyper-V virtual processors allotted to the…